Sarapiqui River Rafting

Adventure – Class II/III with Lunch

The Sarapiqui River Rafting is ideal for those who wish to combine white water rafting with observation of the exuberant flora and fauna. The clear refreshing waters will serpentine along through the tropical jungle and offer a variety of waves and rapids as well as some great spots for swimming and Tarzan jumping off of its banks for the more adventurous.

Very different from other tours, This incredible adventure allows everyone to paddle along long sections of white water and partake in a unique eco-cultural tour, which combines ecological trails with incredible biodiversity including a 500 year old giant Ceibo tree and an interactive explanation of Costa Rican customs and traditions, all with the incredible backdrop of the tropical river and surrounding rainforest.

The Class II/III rapids of this tropical river is characterized by its moderate rapids and clean refreshing waters, which allow the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking nature at its fullest. Like none other, this river also provides the opportunity to swim and float in its tranquil ponds and jump like Tarzan from its cliffs and banks.

Our goal is to offer the most professional and highest quality rafting experience available. Only top of the line river rafting equipment is utilized to ensure your safety and comfort. Guests will certainly appreciate the qualified, friendly staff that does whatever it takes to provide the most memorable rafting eco-adventure.


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