• For your safety and convenience, we recommend that you exercise caution (as you would in any part of the world) with the handling of large amounts of cash or showing off expensive jewelry.
  • It is a good idea to leave your jewelry at home.
  • Be cautious for pick pockets, especially when visiting the markets.
  • Always make photocopies of your passport, and place the passport in the hotel safe while carrying the photocopy with you all times.
  • Scan your passport and air tickets (if not the e type). Store this (in an email sent to yourself) in your web based email account.
  • You can also store the details of your emergency ‘lost card’ telephone numbers in your web based email account so you know who to contact if your credit card or ATM card is lost or stolen. This way, even if you lose everything, you have immediate access to your all important information.
  • Use only the authorized taxis from the hotel taxi stand, and those that are clearly identified.
  • Never leave your personal belongings unattended.
  • Keep your airline ticket, important documents, and cash and travelers checks in the hotel safety box.
  • Always change money at a bank or hotel. Never on the street.
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