Altiplanico Hotel


In Puerto Natales: Altiplanico Hotel Lines in Altiplanico tend to be horizontal as imposed by the outside landscape. Two lines of rooms merging into the hillside overlook the shore and are crisscrossed by a corridor. The hotel is roofed with grass, grass bricks cover the exterior walls (as used by the first settlers), and is nestled in the natural hillside following the coastline. These external features give the feeling of the hotel merging with nature, without altering the landscape and decreasing the visual impact.

The hotel features 22 spacious double and triple rooms, all with a spectacular view to El Seno de Ultima Esperanza. They have phone, safe, laundry, private bathroom, WiFi Internet and central heating. The concept favors beauty over luxury so the decoration is simple, refined and cozy. Throughout the hotel the objective is clear and well achieved; the passenger must be able to enjoy silence with privileged views from a private space. Despite that basic design and overlooking views are equal in every room; they have been decorated differently so that passengers will feel at home rather than in a hotel.