In Lake Atitlan: Bambú Hotel. Welcome to Santiago Atitlan Solola, Guatemala and The Hotel and Restaurant BAMBÚ. The Hotel Bambú was founded and designed by José Ramón de Castro, a native of Vigo, Galicia in Spain. He is married to Katie Henneke, a native of Boulder, Colorado in the USA. José spent many years traveling around the world, predominantly in Latin America. During his travels he passed through, and fell in love with, Santiago Atitlan. The hotel staff is also all native Tzutujil Mayan from Santiago.

Two of the important ambitions are the satisfaction of the clients, and the utmost respect for the ecological environment of the region. Bambú Hotel has fused the hotel with the landscape, preserving and beautifying it with a gorgeous garden in which comfortable rooms and a swimming pool for guests have been established. Each bungalow having a private bathroom and hot water, has been constructed with the architecture and design elements used in a traditional tz’utujil village – the wooden beams, carved stone raised on two separate porches with large wooden columns and thatched roofs. There are private gardens, terraces, and a view of the lake and volcanoes.

The restaurant serves customers with an exclusive and varied cuisine, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is an extensive international menu with a traditional wood burning oven. The location allows each table wonderful views of the three volcanoes, Lake Atitlan, and the gardens.