Clothing & Packing


It is important to keep in mind that temperatures and clothing needs vary depending on elevation. Packing soft sided luggage with wheels will make traveling around the country much easier. The selected hotels in your program have laundry service available for guests. We have found that traveling light makes for a more enjoyable adventure and in addition to that, international flights may be restrictive!

Even though Lima is an informal and casual city, we recommend men to wear pants (jeans are OK), and ladies should wear skirts, pants or Bermuda length shorts. For the evening meal, men should wear nice slacks, shirt and sweater (sport jacket is optional), and women will feel comfortable in a nicer casual evening attire, and a shawl. Formal attire is only used when conducting business.

The highland areas can be cold, and a sweater is recommended. For the jungle and archeological areas light, loose-fitting shirts and long pants are essential. If you plan to hike in the jungle make sure you bring raingear, and two pair of boots or hiking shoes, since one pair can be worn while the other dries from the previous day use. Sunglasses, and a hat or cap are essential.


Pack wise, pack light! Pack only what you know you will use and avoid unnecessary items, such as hair-dryer, basic toiletries (soap or body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion); the hotels we choose for your program will provide you those items and much more!

Flying within Peru has specific luggage restrictions, depending on the airline. You may want to check with your airline what their policy is.

As for the train to Machu Picchu, please be aware that Peru Rail and Inca Rail have a very strict Baggage Policy on Board (routes to Machu Picchu, either from Cusco or from the Sacred Valley), allowing only one carry-on per passenger as blocking exits is prohibited by law. Your carry-on should weigh up to 8 kilos (11 pounds) and measure up to 45 inches (22 x 14 x 9 in).

If necessary, your hotel in Cusco or in the Sacred Valley (depending on your vacations program) will provide safe storage for the rest of your luggage.