Hotel Fonda Vela


In Monteverde: Fonda Vela Hotel is situated on the continental divide where the weather patterns from both the Caribbean and Pacific oceans contribute to creating the Cloud Forest. The Fonda Vela Hotel has nine buildings nestled in the beautifully landscaped 35 acre property. Birders will delight in spotting over 250 species of birds in the gardens. Suites are designed with natural lighting, privacy and warmth. Featuring wood-paneling and rich fabrics, the relaxed rooms have large windows with views of the forest, bringing the outside beauty into each luxurious, comfortable and cozy room. There are 2 restaurants including an intimate eatery with a fireplace. Refresh yourself with a drink in the bar after having some fun in the game room and a dip in the pool reveals a beautiful curved glass roof and 2 hot tubs. Referred to as having “Eternal Spring”, come discover the beauty of Costa Rica’s highlands!

Breakfast and parking are free. If needed, you can request wheelchair accessibility when you make your reservation.

Monteverde is a wonderful example of a cloud forest’s ecosystem. During certain months, the Fonda Vela is an excellent place to see Resplendent Quetzals and Three-wattled Bellbirds. The views of the Gulf of Nicoya from the hotel’s 1,400 meter (4,200 foot) elevation are spectacular. Monteverde is an ideal destination for relaxing and enjoying the wonders of the tropics. A visit of at least two nights in Monteverde is recommended. Two kilometers away is the world famous, 10,500-hectare (26,000 acres) Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.