Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is regarded as one of the best highland bird watching locations in the world. It was created in 1972 to protect the endangered cloud forest habitat from logging. Most people come to this area to observe exotic highland bird species or to explore the cloud forest canopy.

Due to its high altitude – some 4,662 ft (1,440 m) above sea level – Monteverde is privileged to receive a steady supply of clouds and the life-giving moisture that they contain. This moisture, often in the form of fog, catches on the branches of the tallest trees and drips down to the other organisms below. This helps to support a complex and far-reaching ecosystem, one that harbors over 100 species of mammals, 400 species of birds, tens of thousands of insect species, and over 2,500 varieties of plants, 420 of which are orchids alone.

The reserve is most famous for the exotic birds that inhabit it, such as the resplendent quetzals, bellbirds, emerald toucanettes, toucans, trogons, and many species of hummingbirds.

Visitors can explore this environment from trails and trams, hanging bridges, tree-top canopy zip lines, bird-watching or local museums. It’s wise to plan on spending at least a couple of days to adventure through this verdant and mountainous world.

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