Rancho Naturalista


In Turrialba: Rancho Naturalista Lodge, is the premier birding lodge in Costa Rica, Rancho Naturalista is among the finest in Central America. Over 430 species of birds have been recorded in the area. These birds may be sampled from this comfortable lodge famous for its excellent food, welcoming hospitality and stunning volcano views. Provisions are also made for non-birding companions who will find Rancho Naturalista a relaxing holiday retreat. Expert bird guides help maximize the experience for each guest. We are able to cater to all from the beginner to the professional birder. Knowledgeable birders and most bird tours of Costa Rica spend time enjoying Rancho Naturalista. For many, it is the highlight stop of their trip.

The lodge is situated in 50 hectares (125 acres) of protected primary pre-montane Caribbean slope rainforest. Other habitats within the grounds include semi-wooded pastures and seasonal mountain streams. The extensive network of good trails provides access to diverse sections of the forest, these trails range from easy to more strenuous although the birding rewards make the tougher hikes worthwhile. Two very popular areas within the forest are the Hummingbird Feeders and Hummingbird Pools which give people stunning close-up views of the signature bird of Rancho Naturalista, the Snowcap, and a plethora of other species. This variety of habitats at Rancho Naturalista is the key in attracting the huge numbers and range of birds present. Rancho Naturalista is located in Endemic Bird Area Number 19 and therefore is home to a number of highly sought specialty species.