Amazing trip...

What follows is a true testimonial from my family, whose travels were organized so superbly by Marcelo and handled even more adeptly by Cindy and the rest of his team. A special thanks to Erin for helping where it mattered the most.

I quote my brother-in-law, V.S. Amarnath who traveled with his wife, Sumitra – both from Mumbai, India.

“Getting over the dream. I am sure you are relieved these two oldies have at last reached home intact. We have to admit the trip was pretty taxing physically and still worth every moment of it. There was not a single soul around who was not floored by the spectacle of Peru and Bolivia.

Bolivia was as spectacular as Machu Picchu. I gather the Salt Flat is one of the 10 things you have to see in your life time, I am curious to know where are the rest of the nine. Thanks for the meticulous planning.
Our guides in Lima and at the salt flat at Uyuni were outstanding. Another person worth the mention was our guide in Cuzco who has studied anthropology and was bundle of knowledge and very, very communicative. He was also very caring of Chummi.

We were around 4000+ Meters on the last two days all the time going along Lake Titicaca till we reached la Paz. At one place we had a boat ride across the lake with the bus having a ride on a larger ferry. That was a bonus.”

Again, Thanks Marcelo for a job well planned and better handled!