A phenomenal trip to Peru!

Thank you so much for arranging the phenomenal trip to Peru. Every single day and tour went smoothly and were perfect.

I am so incredibly happy you and your team helped make one of my dreams come true. Everything was so incredibly organized, affordable, and safe!

I was amazed to see Cusco and Machu Picchu were very tourist friendly. I already speak the language but it was in no way required. I honestly did not have to worry about one single thing! This was an especially important factor as I was traveling as a single woman.

Thank you also for the added factor of including the extra day on Machu Picchu to climb Wayna Picchu. I was a bad traveler and did not do my homework and had no idea about the wonders of Cusco, the fortress, and the additional adventurous hike. Oh and the food and hotels were splendid!!! I have already recommended you to all my friends and family and hope to go on more adventures like this if not once a year every other year.