Galapagos National Park

Rules and Regulastions

According to the Galapagos National Park rules and regulations, a naturalist guide must always accompany visitors during excursions on the islands. You will be informed of everything that visitors are allowed to do. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to observe all the rules in order to preserve this natural paradise for you and future generations.

  • Do not touch or disturb any plant, rock or animal on the islands.
  • Be careful not to carry any living material to the islands or from island to island. Check your clothing for seeds and insects before disembarking.
  • Do not feed the animals.
  • Always remain on the path.
  • Always remain with your guide.
  • Do not startle or chase any animal from its nest or resting place. Be extremely careful in and around breeding grounds.
  • Do not force your way through dense bushes or thickets. This will destroy the plant life and seeds may become lodged on your clothing.
  • Do not litter on land or from the vessel while at sea.
  • Do not buy souvenirs made from any native animal part, coral or plant.
  • Do not write graffiti or deface rocks and plants on the islands.
  • Do not hesitate to show your conservationist attitude and explain the rules to others.
  • Notify the National Park Service if you see any damage being done.

If your plans include snorkeling, you will need to review these additional rules and recommendations: 

  • Never go on your own.
  • Obey the instructions of the guide(s).
  • If you do not feel comfortable in the water, always wear a life jacket.
  • Always stay with the group of people who will be snorkeling with you.
  • Do not make any brusque or fast movements while you are in the water.
  • The dinghy will be following you or helping someone else.
  • If you feel tired or cold, raise your hand and a dinghy will come to take you on board.
  • When getting off the dinghy, always keep away from the motor.
  • Never approach the dinghy from the back, where the outboard engine is located. Be cautious!
  • Put all your gear on before getting off the dinghy.
  • Do not take your gear off, except the fins, before you board the dinghy.
  • Always approach the dinghy on either side.
  • Every few minutes look up and make sure that the rest of snorkelers are near. If you are interested in looking at something in particular, be aware that you may be separated from the group by currents of by your normal movement.
  • If you like skin diving and decide to go down while snorkeling, be sure to look up when surfacing to avoid hitting the dinghy above you.
  • Remember at all the times that all water sports involve certain risk. Passengers participate in these activities at their own risk.