Angermeyer Waterfront Inn


In Santa Cruz Island: Angermeyer Waterfront Inn is an exclusive Galapagos boutique hotel nestled right on the waterfront in the “Punta Estrada” area. You are insured total privacy for your dream holiday on a piece of Galapagos history. Accessible only by water, it is located across the Puerto Ayora bay. Upon arrival on Santa Cruz Island, the hospitality team will take you by boat to the private pier. Newly renovated, non-smoking rooms offer amenities such as Wi-Fi, Color Cable TV, Mini-Bar, Safety Deposit Boxes, Ceiling Fans and A/C as well as balconies or terraces. Concierge service and the 24-hour front desk provide you with first class service. You might share your morning coffee in the company of a sun-basking marine iguana, a blue-footed boobie or one of “Darwin’s” finches while having breakfast on the sun-terrace. No other place in the world offers the opportunity of watching animals like the Galapagos giant tortoise in their natural habitat. Enjoy a drink in the cozy cafe, have lunch or dinner on the waterfront deck, experience a beautiful Galapagos sunset and feel the enchantment of these unique islands!