Clothing & Packing

City Attire: Even though Quito is an informal and casual city, we recommend men to wear pants (jeans are OK), and ladies should wear skirts, pants or Bermuda length shorts. For the evening meal, men should wear nice slacks, shirt and sweater (sport jacket is optional), and women will feel comfortable in a nicer casual evening attire, and a shawl. Formal attire is only used when conducting business.

The highland areas can be cold, and it is best to dress in layers, wear a sweater over a shirt and T-shirt since the day begins and ends quite cool but at midday it becomes warm. For the jungle and the islands loose-fitting shirts and long pants are essential. If you plan to hike in the jungle make sure you bring rain gear, and two pair of boots or hiking shoes, since one pair can be worn while the other dries from the previous day use. Since Ecuador lies on the Equatorial Line, the sun is direct and strong.

It is highly recommended that you bring a high SPF sun block, sunglasses, and a hat or cap. Do not forget to bring plenty of film or a large capacity memory stick. Flying within Ecuador has a luggage weight limit of 55 lbs. per person. If you are taking medication always carry it with you rather than putting it in your suitcase.