Napo Wildlife Center


In Napo – Coca / Amazon: Napo Wildlife Center. Located in the heart of the Yasuní National Park, a UNESCO a Biosphere Reserve, the Napo Wildlife Center provides visitors with great opportunities to explore the treasures hided in the sacred lands of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador.The lodge is reached after a 2.5 hour comfortable motorboat ride from Coca city down the Napo River. From the arrival point on the river, you are transferred to paddle-canoes —to reduce the environmental impacts and preserve the forest and its wildlife, on a narrow black-water creek that takes you to Añangu Lake and finally see the red cabins of the Napo Wildlife Center.

One of the particularities of this hotel is that it is 100% managed by the Kichwa Añangu community, making it the greatest example of a community-based project that benefits the local community and preserves the diverse flora and fauna of the area. With 12 huge exclusive cabins and a capacity for 36 people, the Napo Wildlife Center complex offers the most comfortable accommodations of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador and unique opportunities explore the treasures hidden in the forests and creeks of the jungle. The dining room area is where all meals and drinks are served. The lodge gastronomy includes international to Ecuadorian local food –which we recommend you to try.