Quito Hotel


In Quito: Quito Hotel is located in a residential area north of the capital. Its facilities are spacious, with large windows and waiting areas. The building has elegant details, and has a large green space called La Playita where there are swimming pools and playing fields. It also has a bookshop, beauty parlor, casino, crafts store, and cinema on the weekends. The most exquisite place in the hotel is the restaurant Roof of the World, where you can enjoy the chef’s specialties of international and local cuisine. A space designed so that each encounter is unique. In their superior rooms, you can enjoy a comfortable and peaceful ambiance. Discover from here the majesty of the mountains that surround Quito, or the tranquility of the nearby valley, all of the rooms have balconies from where to enjoy a magnificent view. You will be able to access the Internet thru the wireless connection without having to leave your room.