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8-Day Belize as You Like It! – From $2,456.00 Adults / $1,590.00 Children


    The Belize as You like It is one of our Classic Collection Travel Programs featuring your choice of activities in both; the Inland Jungle of Cayo and at the beach in Ambergris Caye. While at the jungle, select two full day adventures: Barton Creek Cave canoeing to an ancient Mayan burial ground and Zip Lining at Calico Jacks, or venture into the Blancaneaux Cave and swim in the water holes of the Big Rock Waterfalls, or visit the magnificent Jungles of Belize at the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, enjoy a refreshing swim in the Rio On Pools, and explore the Caracol Maya site, or explore the cave at Actun Tunichil Muknal; or venture into neighboring Guatemala for a visit of the Tikal Archeological Park. On the way to the sandy beaches of Ambergris Caye, partake on a half day activity: visit the Belize Zoo, enjoy a cave tubing expedition, or partake on a Zip Lining adventure. In Ambergris Caye, choose from the following options: Beach Picnic and Snorkeling Day Trip, or a Sunset Sailing Cruise and a morning snorkeling excursion of the Hol Chan Marine Park in the second longest coral reef in the world.

    Our 8-Day Belize as You like It Holiday Adventure, begins in the Inland Jungle of Cayo with opportunities for Cave Canoeing and Zip Lining, Cave Explorations, Rainforest & Jungle Hikes and Maya site explorations, and Waterfall Swimming, plus a visit to the Belize Zoo, or Cave Tubing; and ends relaxing on the Caribbean Island of Ambergris Caye with sailing and snorkeling adventures.

    • Van transfer from the Belize Intl. Airport to the Inland Jungle in the Cayo District.
    • Three nights in the Inland Jungle with Studio Suite River accommodations at the Mystic River Resort near the town of San Ignacio with all meals and taxes.
    • Your choice* of two full day share guided adventures with lunch:
      • Canoe Adventure at the Upper Barton Creek Cave and Zip Lining.
      • Exploration of the Blancaneaux Cave and Rappelling at the Big Rock Waterfalls.
      • Expedition to the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, the Rio On Pools, and the Caracol Mayan Ruins.
      • Exploration of the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave.
      • Exploration of the Tikal Archeological Park.
    • Transfer from San Ignacio to the Belize City Municipal Airport.
    • En-route to the airport, select* one half day activity: Visit to the Belize Zoo, Cave Tubing, or Zip Lining Adventure.

    • Panoramic Flight from Belize City Municipal Airport to San Pedro in Ambergris Caye.
    • Arrival transfer in San Pedro.
    • Four nights in Ambergris Caye with beachfront accommodations at the Ramon’s Village Resort with breakfast, taxes, and service charges.
    • Your choice of one day of shared activities:
      • Beach Picnic and Snorkeling Day Trip.
      • Morning Snorkeling Excursion to the Hol Chan Marine Park and Afternoon Sunset Sailing
    • 12 Meals (7 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, 3 Dinners)
    • Entrance fees to all featured locations
    • Snorkeling gear
    • Departure transfer from the resort to the San Pedro Airport
    • Flight from San Pedro to the Belize International Airport
    • Personalized services of our Belize based hoteliers’ partners

    Day 1 | Welcome to Belize | D. 

    After clearing customs, proceed to exit to the curbside area and meet your local host from the Mystic River Resort. Enjoy a scenic van transfer to the Inland Jungle of San Ignacio in the Cayo District. Your three-night stay at the resort includes accommodations in a Studio Suite with views of the Macal River. While at the Mystic River Resort, all meals and taxes are included; also included are two full day shared excursions of your choice, plus your choice of one half day activity en-route to the local airport in Belize City.

    Days 2 & 3 | Discovering, Exploring, Experiencingand Enjoying the Best of the Inland Jungle | B.L.D.

    During these two days you will partake on two adventures of your choice*. Dates of operation will be determined by the Innkeeper. Minimum two guests per adventure.

    • Barton Creek Cave Canoeing & Zip Lining: Enjoy an early breakfast at the hotel. Meet your local guide and begin today’s adventure. Flowing from a giant crack in the mountain, Upper Barton Creek Cave offers a float trip into the ancient past. Utilizing canoes equipped with spotlights to pierce the veil of darkness, you will glide through crystal clear water into a world forgotten by time; a mystifying world of marvelous natural formations and spectacular wonders. Barton Creek is a sacred world where burial grounds, ceremonial pottery, and bones of the ancient peoples remain as an eternal testimonial. Calico Jacks Zip Lining: Offering a variety of three different runs, you can choose a beginner run for only 45 minutes or step up to the next level and zip through the rainforest for an hour. If you crave a higher level of excitement, then you combine both runs to make it a total of 1.5 hours consisting of 9 runs, 15 platforms, a jungle lift, and a total of 2,700 feet of adrenaline pumping zip lining! Tour leaves at 8:00 AM. Bring along bug spray, camera, flip-flops or sandals are fine for the canoe ride, light hiking shoes for the zip line, and bottled water. 
      Duration: Full Day | Lunch: Packed lunch included | Difficulty: Moderate
    • Caracol Mayan Ruins & Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve & Rio On Pools: Situated high on the Vaca Plateau deep in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, Caracol is the most extensive Mayan site in Belize and was only rediscovered as recently as 1936. The site of Caracol covers over 80 square miles with 30,000 structures and at its peak supported a population in excess of 150,000. Situated at 1600 feet above sea level (one of the highest located sites of the southern uplands region) with no natural water body close by, it remains a mystery why such a huge population center like Caracol evolved where it is. However, the close proximity to both extremely hard stone and copal, two commodities highly prized by the Mayas may help ex-plain this enigma. At the heart of the site lies the massive pyramid of Caana (Sky Palace) which is now almost fully restored and reaches a height of over 135 feet. From the top you can enjoy breath taking panoramic views over the forest clad mountains. On your return, you will stop at the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve and the Rio On Pools for a refreshing dip before heading back to the resort.
      Duration: Full Day | Lunch: Packed lunch included | Difficulty: Moderate
    • Blancaneaux Cave & Big Rock Waterfalls: Start your day with a fabulous and fun ride in our Crew Cab 6 Passengers Polaris vehicle to the Elijio Panti National Park. Explore the beautiful Blancaneaux Cave where ancient Mayas held their sacred rituals and learn their mysteries. There, you will find pottery shards and remnants of an ancient life along with some fabulous crystal rock formations. Get back on board the Polaris and take a short ride to the top of Big Rock Waterfalls. There’s a reason there’s such a thing as ‘hidden gems,’ and Big Rock Falls is the prime example of this. Tucked into the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve this waterfall literally prompts your jaw to drop once you lay eyes upon it. Magnificent, monumental and massive, Big Rock stands tall with a small pool at the bottom of it, flowing into a bigger cenote that rushes over large rocks (hence, the name.) Lying on your back and staring at the cloudless sky as you float is the recommended way to experience Big Rock Falls. For a free, natural massage place yourself near the rocky walls and let the cascades pummel your back while also refreshing your face. A packed lunch will accompany you so you can feast at the top of the waterfall.
      Duration: Full Day | Lunch: Packed lunch included | Difficulty: Moderate
    • ATM (Actun Tunichil Muknal): Explore the buried secrets of Belize’s caves. In the mood for a bit of spelunking? Belize’s caves make for some of the best eco-tourism in Belize. Adventure travel in these parts is not complete without a trip to the caves, and Mystic River Resort is within reach of many of them, including the ATM Belize Caves, Cayo District’s newest jungle cave attraction (it was only discovered in 1989) features ceramics, stoneware – and even human skeletons! This Mayan archaeological site is home of “The Crystal Maiden,” the skeleton of a teenage girl, probably a sacrifice victim, whose bones have been given a sparkling appearance by centuries of erosion inside the cave. Actun Tunichil Muknal is a must-see of eco-tourism in Central America. To enter the cave, you wade or swim across a large pool before scrambling up and into the cave. The caverns where the relics are found are dry even when the area is hit by a hurricane. The trip ends with an ice cold beer, soda, or water to collect your thoughts, relax, and talk about new discoveries before heading back to Mystic River Resort.
      Duration: Full Day | Lunch: Packed lunch included | Difficulty: Intermediate / Strenuous
      *Important note:
      This tour is a long and challenging adventure – a good level of physical fitness is required and the ability to swim is a plus.
    • The Spectacular Tikal Archeological Reserve. Enjoy an early breakfast at the hotel. Meet your local guide and begin today’s adventure. The Tikal Archaeological Reserve is located in the dense tropical jungles of the Peten region of Guatemala and is the largest and most spectacular of all Mayan sites. Extensive excavation and restoration has revealed the grandeur civilization long past. An abundance of tropical birds, monkeys and other wildlife can be seen while exploring the well maintained trails throughout the park. This full day tour leaves at 7:30 am. Bring along your passport, bug spray, binoculars, hiking shoes, extra water to keep you hydrated, and your camera! Lunch is included at the site, also included is the border crossing fee.
      Duration: Full Day | Lunch: lunch included at the site | Difficulty: Moderate / Intermediate

    Day 4 From the Inland Jungle to the Caribbean Island of Ambergris Caye | B.

    En-route to the Belize City Municipal Airport; enjoy the half day activity of your selection*:

    • Cave Tubing at the Jaguar Paw Adventure Outpost: Upon arrival, you will be issued with a headlamp, life vest, and an inner tube for the cave tubing adventure. During your jungle hike to the put-in location, you will be briefed about Medicinal Plants, Belize Cave Systems, and Use of The Cave by the Mayan People. Note: Children must be at least 47 inches tall.
    • Zip Lining at the Jaguar Paw Adventure Outpost. Experience the thrills of Zip Lining over the jungle, and soar from tree to tree just like Tarzan. Enjoy a close-up look of the Belize jungle as you fly through the tree canopy of the rainforest.
    • Belize Zoo. A visit to the Zoo is the best way to get an introduction to the animals of Belize, and to understand why it is important to protect the habitats that sustain them. The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center believes that by bringing the people of Belize closer to the animals which are their natural heritage, they will feel proud of these special resources, and want to protect them for future generations.

    Upon completion of your chosen adventure, you will be driven to the City Airport to check-in for your Tropic Air flight to Ambergris Caye. (Airfare is INCLUDED). Upon arrival, meet and greet service and be transferred to the Ramon’s Village Beachfront Resort for a four-night stay in Beachfront Rooms, with breakfast, service charges, and taxes included.

    Welcome to Ambergris Caye and to the historic fishing village of San Pedro. This charming village is situated on Ambergris Caye, the jewel of more than 1,000 islands and cayes scattered throughout the Western Caribbean waters of Belize. Balance of the day is at leisure to enjoy the resort and the beach.

    Days 5, 6 & 7 | Full days to enjoy the beach and your selected activity*: Morning Snorkel trip to the Hol Chan Marine Park & Afternoon Sunset Sailing Cruise, or Beach Picnic and Snorkeling Day Trip | B.

    • Hol Chan Marine Park / Shark Ray Alley: Some of the best snorkel and diving sites in the world are located just off the coast of Ambergris Caye, so take advantage of a good thing while you can and see as many of them as possible while you are here! Thousands of large and small fish inhabit this magnificent underwater National Park. The reef system that borders Belize was recognized as a World Heritage Site, by UNESCO, several years ago. Hol Chan or “Little Channel,” which cuts all the way through the reef, lives up to its reputation among some of the world’s best dive sites. Hol Chan is safe for beginners, and breathtaking for advanced divers. Sunset Sailing Cruise: Shortly after leaving Ramon’s Village dock, the western sky will begin to fill with the golden glow of the setting sun. As it lowers behind the horizon, millions of diamond like reflections tip each wave and ripple as far as the eye can see. You will never forget the first time you experience this incredible display of Heavenly handiwork. Our return leg takes you in front of San Pedro where you will get a glimpse of what our town looks like at night. Listen as the Calypso beat fills the night air and your “Titanic” glides gracefully across the waves. Snuggle with your honey and reflect upon the wonder of it all as the gentle Caribbean breeze massages you gingerly all the way home.
    • Beach Picnic and Snorkeling Day Trip: Climb aboard our 38-foot catamaran and sail the high seas of adventure toward the north, retracing the route of those who harvested the coconut crops for English merchants in the 1600s. Millions of coconuts were harvested each year and sent to England for their bakeries and restaurants. Just imagine pristine beaches lined with virgin coconut palms as far as the eye could see. Around lunch, your skipper will anchor near the coral rich Mexico Rocks; a popular destination that is perfect for beginner and advanced snorkelers. You will not believe the beauty and color of this incredible coral forest! When your snorkeling experience is complete, you will re-board your vessel to the alluring aroma of barbecue fish, chicken, and shrimp, with all the trimmings, which will be served on deck. (Lobster and conch will be on the menu, when they are in season.) After lunch, a nap, sunbathing, or another dip in our crystal clear water is part of the agenda. The cruise home will be leisurely and very relaxing.

    *Note: Dates of operation will be determined by the Innkeeper. Minimum of participants apply.

    Day 8 | San Pedro / Belize International Airport / Home | B.

    At the designated time, transfer to the San Pedro Airport. Check-in at the Tropic Air counter for your flight to the Belize International Airport (local airfare is included) for your onward flight.




    In San Ignacio: Mystic River Resort. Nestled on a steep bank of the beautiful Macal River, the eco-friendly Mystic River Resort offers the best of all worlds to those who travel to Belize. In this oasis of privacy, serenity and rejuvenation, there are no crowds, just the soothing sound of birds, rustling trees, soft breezes and breath-taking views. Mystic River is a full-service Jungle Resort with an open-air restaurant, bar, spa, splash pool, yoga deck, luxurious accommodations with studios, one bedroom, and two bedroom suites – some featuring private plunge pools and outdoor showers! All our units offer king size beds, fireplace and a private balcony with majestic views of the rain-forest and the river. Located only 7 miles from the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena and surrounded by incredible serene wilderness, Mystic River Resort is the best place to find the perfect something – or nothing – to do.


    In Ambergris Caye: Ramon’s Village Beach Resort. Styled after the Tahitian cottages on the Polynesian island of Bora Bora, the cabanas at Ramon’s Village Resort are built from native materials by craftsmen utilizing the same skill and techniques the islanders used in the days of the great sailing ships. Ramon’s Village is a sanctuary nestled in a tropical garden of Royal Palms, bougainvillea, lilies, hibiscus and dozens of other types of tropical flora. Surrounded by the plant life are Mayan sculptures that provide a glimpse of the civilization that preceded us in this Caribbean paradise. Located directly on the beach, Ramon’s Villa Resort offer beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea and the Belize Barrier Reef.  Individual and two story palm thatched cabanas provide an assortment of rooms and suites for every need.

    • Prices are subject to change without previous notice.
    • The itinerary is subject to change due to weather conditions, safety, and local regulations.
    • *Please select your activities at time of booking and note that once your reservation is confirmed, changes are subject to additional change fees and availability.
    • Deposit: A $750.00 per person deposit is required to activate the booking process. Due to the popularity of the destination and the high demand for space, early reservations are strongly encouraged. Additional deposits may be required by suppliers, if so you will be notified.
    • None of the services have been requested nor confirmed at this time (unless otherwise indicated). If the selected hotels are not available, we will make our best effort to obtain the next best available hotel in the same city/region. We should have confirmation of the suggested services and facilities and/or suitable alternatives within 48 hours after receiving your deposit, which will be applied to the final payment.
    • Final Payment: The balance is due 65 days prior to the start of your tour. If full final payment has not been received by the due date, EcoAmerica Tours reserves the right to cancel the reservation without notice.
    • Method of Payment: For your convenience, we accept major credit cards (filling out our Credit Card Authorization Form), checks, and PayPal.
    • The price does not include: personal expenses, additional activities, international and local airfares as well as airports departure taxes (unless otherwise indicated), gratuities to guides, drivers, porters, bell and wait staff, and any other service not listed.
    • Airfares, if any, booked through EcoAmerica Tours may require immediate ticketing, if so, you will be notified accordingly. In most cases, the airfare charge(s) will appear on your credit card statement as processed by the airline(s) used for your travel arrangements.
    • Meal Codes: B = Breakfast. L = Lunch. D = Dinner.
    • All tour services are SIB shared basis (unless otherwise indicated).
    • Please refer to the attached terms and conditions as presented in the credit card authorization form and in the Terms of Travel section in our website. These terms apply in full to this travel program.
    • Travel Protection Plan: Travel insurance is a great way to protect your travel investment. By choosing to offer travel insurance, your travel agent is providing you a financial safety net for most unforeseen travel inconveniences. Allianz Travel Insurance plans have been created to suit most any traveler’s coverage needs. For your peace of mind, we strongly suggest you to purchase travel insurance. For more information, please visit: Allianz Global Assistance or contact us for a personalized quote.


    One of the main advantages of booking your trip through your Travel Consultant and the destination specialists at EcoAmerica Tours is that you do not have to spend countless frustrating hours looking on-line for hotels, point-to-point transportation, attractions, entrance fees, excursions, and much more. The second is that when traveling with us, you can be certain that we will be with you throughout your trip to continue assisting you and making sure that each one of the services included in your reservation are flawlessly delivered. When traveling with us, you will be talking to a real person who will demystify the travel components and will provide you with information that makes you knowledgeable and informed. When traveling with us you will get real value, just like countless travelers before you (we encourage you to visit the Reviews and Testimonials section in our website.

    Working with your Travel Consultant and EcoAmerica Tours means being involved in a different way of doing tourism and comes with the following benefits:

    • Celebrating three decades leading the tourism industry in Latin America.
    • Regional coverage and exclusive tailor-made programs.
    • Fast, friendly and efficient response to your requirements.
    • Always available: emergency line and operational offices 24H/7D.
    • We care about our guests: EcoAmerica Assistance Network.
    • Top guides and the best transportation quality.
    • Quality Control Department: care to passengers’ voice.
    • Top Producer and great relationship with key suppliers.
    • Positive impact of our operations at all levels.


    EcoAmerica Tours, LLC. and/or any of its agents will not claim any responsibility for injury, damage, loss, additional expenses, accidental delay or other irregularities which may be caused either through willful or negligent acts or omissions on the part of companies or individuals providing or engaged in transportation, accommodations or other services related to the execution of the tour, or through natural calamities and other factors beyond its control. Prices are subject to adjustment in the event of any change, without notice. EcoAmerica Tours, LLC reserves the right to change any tour if considered necessary in order to render better service to its clients. Travelers choosing to participate in these vacation programs do so at their own risk. EcoAmerica Tours is not to be held responsible for injuries, damage expenses, and/or costs resulting from accidents or accidental death while participating in these vacation programs. Travelers have been directed to read these disclaimers. EcoAmerica Tours, LLC


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