Colca Lodge Spa & Hot Springs


In Colca: Colca Lodge Spa & Hot Springs. At an altitude of 10,660 feet above sea level, the Colca Lodge Spa & Hot Springs is nestled on the banks of the Colca River. It is surrounded by hundreds of pre-Inca agricultural terraces, which have been declared a Peruvian cultural heritage Guests are blessed with having relaxing thermal springs, unique in Peru, at their permanent disposal. The four pools, which have different temperatures and contain water rich in lithium, are located in completely natural surroundings where the magic of the elements takes on an extraordinary dimension. The 45 rooms are rustic in style, all having a view of the valley, gardens and patios. Most have a creative heating system employing heat-radiating stone slabs warmed by geothermal energy source. Given the remote location of the hotel, Wi-Fi and television are offered only within the social areas of the Lodge. The hotel guarantees you will not miss them in your room. This is a place with ancient energy, synchronized with nature and is the starting point for exploring the valley nd visiting the Colca Canyon.