El Refugio


In Colca: El Refugio Hotel. This is the perfect hideaway along the Colca River in a historical and cultural setting; the perfect combination of nature, culture and comfort. El Refugio is hidden in a majestic landscape in the beautiful Valley of the Colca, 10,498 feet above sea level, and five minutes away from the village of Chivay. El Refugio is a four star hotel with bungalow type dwellings offering complimentary buffet breakfast, hot water 24 hours a day, a heater and telephone. Every member of the staff is committed to clean and maintain the hotel areas as well as the banks of the river to preserve the natural environment. The restaurant offers a spectacular panoramic view and a variety of exceptional gastronomic plates. The range of dishes are created with Peruvian, novoandina and international foods prepared with basic regional ingredients by experienced chefs to please your palate.