Pestana Convento do Carmo

Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

In Salvador: Pestana Convento do Carmo. Located in the historic center of Salvador, the Pestana Convento do Carmo combines tradition, luxury and modernity in a 16th-century building featuring spacious, high-ceiling rooms. This hotel is a journey in time and space that takes you to the absolute quiet of the rooms and cloisters, while maintaining access to the most interesting center of Salvador da Bahia: the Pelourinho and Santo António.

In addition to its stylish architecture and decoration, the hotel offers many options for your leisure and relaxation, including a sauna, spa, gym and swimming pool. And best of all is that in the end, after all the sightseeing, exploring and experiencing, you will always have your piece of heaven waiting: the Pestana Convento do Carmo, where tranquility, elegance and sobriety prevail, a stark contrast to the living in the city. Undoubtedly, here you will spend an unforgettable vacation.