Takalik Maya Lodge


In Retalhuleu: Takalik Maya Lodge is part of the antique coffee plantations “Montes Eliseos”. The interior of the farm has been renovated, so guests can have the same experience as the landowner of the nineteen century. It is a magical place where past, present, and future meet in one place. By visiting Takalik Maya, you will be given the opportunity to experience the mysticism of civilizations and cultures that inhabited the area, within the diversity and majesty of the forest.

KACIKE MAYA Suite in the forest. Two comfortable suites which are an updated representations of what was a Mayan Royalty chamber, immersed in the woods, built with local materials by local artisans. The suites also have a private bathroom, hot water, and its own mezzanine and access paths to multiple areas within the grounds of the lodge. The lighting is by candles with oil lamps.

ASEO DEL CAFÉ – Central Square of the Villa Antigua Cafetal. There are seven rooms, single, double or triple colonial style inside the old coffee farm “Montes Elysees” founded in late 1800. In the evening the guests can sit and admire the return of hundreds of tropical birds flying to their nests.

At Takalik Maya Lodge Restaurant, each dish is delicately prepared and will express Guatemalan cuisine exceeding your expectations while enjoying the pleasure of succulent meals combined with international ingredients.