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    4-Days Treasures of Rapa Nui and Easter Island
    Starting at $545.00 Adults Double Basis
    Explore the temples, Rano Raraku volcanic crater, Ana Kai Tangata cave, Rano Kau Volcano, Orongo ceremonial village, Anakena Beach and the unique Moai of Easter Island

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    4-Days Santiago and Beyond
    Starting at $425.00 Adults Double Basis
    Visit Chile’s capital city, Santiago, before discovering the colorful art-filled port-city of Valparaiso & the beachfront resort-city of Viña del Mar also called the garden city, and “vineyard by the sea,”

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    7-Days Santiago and Atacama Desert Adventure
    Starting at $1,449.00 Adults Double Basis
    Tour Santiago de Chile, and then venture to the Atacama Desert to experience the Death Valley, the Valley of the Moon, the Salt Mountain Range lagoons to view Flamingos, and to the famous Atacama Salt Flat and the Tatio Geysers of the Altiplano

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    5-Days Premium Wines and Countryside
    Starting at $1,295.00 Adults Double Basis
    Experience the culture of Santiago de Chile, and tour and taste the wines from the Casablanca Valley, and from the Colchagua Valley’s Viña Lapostolle & Viña Vik Vineyards.