Utz Tzaba Beach Hotel


In Monterrico: Utz Tzaba Beach Hotel. Utz Tzaba means “beautiful coast” in one of Guatemala’s Mayan languages. This wonderful beach hotel is on the Pacific coast right between the beautiful silent mangroves and the clean strong waves. Relax in the Jacuzzi’s or in the Hammocks or enjoy a cool drink in the Teo Torriatte aqua-bar. Leisure time is well catered at the Restaurant where you can taste national and international cuisine; of course fresh seafood is one of their specialties

TZ TZABA SUSTAINABILITY PROGRAM – Along the coastline sea turtles are nesting 15-25 nests per night during the peak of nesting season, October till December. Turtle eggs are prized by local populations as a supplement to their income and diets, eggs are sold to local buyers who transport them to ceviche restaurants in the area or Guatemala City. In 2006 Utz Tzaba beach hotel started a protecting project by paying egg collectors the current market prize for the sea turtle eggs. The turtle eggs are then buried in the Utz Tzaba hatchery and after a 45-55 day incubation period, the hatchlings are released into the sea.

The 10 hotel rooms offer spacious comfort. The bathrooms are comfortable and have hot water and hair dryers. The 4 bungalows have a fully equipped living and dining room, modern kitchen, two bedrooms and of course a comfortable bathroom.