Larco Museum Tour

Main Highlights: The Larco Museum exhibits an impressive archaeological collection that enables an understanding of the history of ancient Peru.
Description: The Larco Museum is housed in an 18th century mansion built atop of a pre-Columbian pyramid of the 7th century in Lima Peru. We will find there treasures that have been exhibited in the most prestigious museums in the world; these treasures are organized by techniques. In the introductory room we will find a timeline that helps visitors to understand the development of Andean civilization. We will continue on to the Cultures Gallery, the Textiles, Sacrifice Ceremony, and Ceremonial Vessels Rooms, the Gold and Jewelry Gallery, and finish the visit at the storeroom where a unique exhibition of erotic pottery of pre-Columbian times are the highlights.
The gold exhibition, the marvelous colonial house built on top of a pre-Columbian pyramid and the famous collection of erotic pottery make Larco Museum one of the most visited tourist attractions of Peru and an icon recognized worldwide.

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