M/V Manatee Amazon River Cruise


In Napo – Coca / Ecuadorian Lower Amazon: M/V Manatee Amazon River Cruise. The Manatee has interior and exterior dining areas that are located on the Main Deck and Sun Deck respectively. The on board chefs prepare a spectacular variety of both national and international cuisine. The Sun Deck also houses the well-stocked bar and conference room. The conference room has a flat-screen television, projector and comfortable seating, and it is here where your naturalist guides will give informative talks and detail the following day’s activities. This room also has a computer lounge with internet service (be warned it is very slow!), as well as a small library.

The Manatee also carries one and two-man kayaks for use on occasion by guests. No previous experience is necessary and this is a great way to get close to the wildlife on the riverbanks, and it is also great fun! The exciting itineraries are carried out with a heartfelt commitment to the communities and nature of the Amazon and the variety of excursions is ample and compelling.

Although expedition cruising by its very nature is characterized as adventurous, the safety of the staff and passengers is of paramount importance. The Manatee Amazon Explorer is fully equipped and maintained in order to handle the most challenging conditions and circumstances, and is manned by experienced and conscientious expedition staff and crew.

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