Bougainvillea Hotel


In San Jose (Santo Domingo de Heredia): Bougainvillea Hotel. The Hotel Bougainvillea has been a perfect fit for travelers since 1989. Located in a suburb just 10 minutes from downtown San José, we have made a name for ourselves by providing a genuine home-away-from-home experience that keeps our guests returning year after year. The Bougainvillea Hotel is nestled within an award-winning tropical botanical garden that attracts many of the birds and butterflies that Costa Rica is famous for. We are confident you will long remember your time spent in this ten acre gem that is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful gardens in the country. The hotel is part of Botanic Gardens Conservation International, an organization that seeks to engage different botanical gardens in the process of sharing knowledge about plants, saving species and also in connecting different professionals in the field. The Bougainvillea Hotel features swimming pool, tennis courts, Gym, business center, bar and restaurant, laundry, Spa, and Wi-Fi.