Punta Chiminos Island Lodge


In Sayaxche:  Punta Chiminos Island Lodge is located in Punta de Chiminos, on the beautiful Petexbatun Lagoon in southeastern Peten, in the Guatemalan jungle. Prepare yourself for the Ultimate Eco-Archaeological adventure and enjoy the most pristine jungle, as natural as it gets! Let your senses flow as you are overwhelmed by nature all around you and enjoy the walk through this Maya city, “The Last Maya Outpost”, a fortified artificial island built by the ancient Maya to defend themselves. In the event that you arrive by plane you can land at the municipal strip in Sayaxché and by helicopter to the heliport close to the hotel. Or, you can get to Chiminos in a 45-60 minute drive from Flores to Sayaxche, from there take a boat in a 1 ½ hour interesting river cruise to Lake Petexbatún.

Chiminos Island Lodge offers 5 comfortable mahogany bungalows, each perfectly blended into the rainforest and several hundred feet away from each other, so you can enjoy your own private jungle. The comfortable bungalows can sleep up to 5 and are fitted with their own water treatment plant, private bathroom and hot water, and are completely protected from insects and outside animals. You can hear and observe parrots, toucans and howler monkeys. You will be pleasantly surprised by the luxury and cleanliness, an impeccable setting that goes beyond what you may expect to find in the middle of the jungle.

You can also enjoy the “lobby” with hammocks and a relaxing view of the lagoon, the bar and new floating dock, perfect for sun-bathing, swimming fishing, or just relaxing after an intense day of eco-archaeological exploration. And last, but not least, prepare yourself to experience the finest dining cuisine in the jungle! Our hostess is a fine chef and cooks recipes cherished by generations but enriched with others shared by our guests. You may want to dine a blanco, fresh of the day, prepared by our hostess grilled or baked in wine and fine herbs or, you can enjoy a fresh salad or her already famous cucumber soup.